Seele Stars school collaborations

Having spearheaded arts programs at multiple schools, the founder/teacher of Seele Stars has successfully collaborated with school boards, parent-teacher groups, and staff members of schools to ensure quality education to students via the arts and would love the opportunity to do so with your school community!


Seele Stars is proudly collaborating with all school organizations—currently at public, private parochial, private charter, and independent sites. As a credentialed teacher with years of experience, Miss Seele is well-equipped with specified teaching techniques and strong classroom management necessary to render a positive, personalized experience for your students.

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Looking for a drama program to implement during the school day? Curious about adding Seele Stars as part of your after school program? Contact us below for more information!

No matter how small or big the part, every child feels like a Star! It’s so beautiful to witness the students’ development and progress from the very first rehearsal to the finale! It’s not only a magical and unforgettable experience for the students but the parents as well!
— Mimi C., parent and volunteer